These reasons may seem slightly different from what is obtainable in the UK. Still, it is essentially the same fundamental reason: saving money and saving the environment is an added benefits.

Some of these are tips from my culture which I believe may be beneficial when used here.

Use a bucket when taking a bath. One of the ways one can save water is using a bucket and small bowl when taking a bath. Using this method more often instead of a shower and a bath would help reduce the quantity of water we use at bath times. The advantages are that you get clean and refreshed for less because you use less water and heating.

Collect rainwater from your roof. You can use a bucket or plastic drum to collect runoff rainwater from the roof gutters. You can use the collected water in various ways to water your garden, wash your car, or your patio.

Reuse water as much as possible. You can also clean fruits and vegetables by washing them in a bowl and then reuse the water for plants and flowers around the house or in the garden.

Store drinking water for later. Rather than boil the whole kettle of water any time you want a cup of tea, you can store hot water for tea and coffee in a flask, and if you get a perfect flask, it can keep the water hot for 24 hours. And during the summer, when the pipes tend to be hot, you can keep water refrigerated in a jug or bottle instead of running the tap until you get cool water to drink.

Shop for the month and cook for the week. By planning to do significant household shopping monthly, you can save on petrol, reducing the number of times you need to run to the store. Cooking weekly and storing it in the fridge or freezer might also help as you can cook most of your food at once and then reheat it in a microwave as needed. Try to bring the portion of food you need out early to defrost, so you don’t have to reheat from frozen, to help reduce the time in the microwave.

Use a broom to sweep more often and only vacuum clean once in a while, especially if what you need to clean up is just bits and pieces or minor patches. This would help reduce energy bills.

Switching off the oven about 10 minutes before your cooking is done is also a good tip, as the oven will still be hot, and you get some minutes of cooking for free.