The best home improvements to add value to your property

The best home improvements to add value to your property

Valuable Home Improvements

Top question when it comes to increasing house value

  • What home improvements add the most property value?
  • How can I increase the value of my home?
  • Do renovations increase property value?
  • What are the best renovations for resale?

To answer these question simply- Yes. Home improvements do increase property value but it is important you don’t waste time and money on the wrong ones.

Of course, adding any extra space and remodelling adds a lot more value to your property, but there are some simpler ways to gain just as much!

Single room updates

Bathroom renovation –  Bathroom renovation is one of the ways you can increase your property’s value by a surprisingly substantial amount. This may involve:

  • Removing or updating existing fixtures
  • Installing a new bath and or shower
  • Installing new additional features such as sinks or bidets
  • Laying down a new floor or tiles
  • adding a lick of (splashproof) paint
  • Adding new furniture and storage systems
  • Updating the plumbing

Many bathroom renovators will provide all of the above factors and more as an all-inclusive service.

Some companies will provide you with the suppliers they use, so you can be sure you love all of the features in your new bathroom before you sign up.

Energy Efficiency

Making your property more energy-efficient is one of the best and modern ways to change your home in order to improve its market value.

People want to save money on their energy bills, therefore homes with low energy usage costs are more desirable to potential buyers.

Not only this but where a property uses less energy than average, the property becomes more environmentally friendly, which is another major selling point as there has been a recent peak in more eco-friendly housing.

Home Energy Efficiency | Energy Saving Trust

Increasing property value

Exterior Maintenance

Often overlooked, caring for the exterior of your property can considerably add to the property value.

This could be the actual building, for example, updating the roofing or cleaning the gutters to adding extra features to the garden and maintaining the plants and trees in it.

Maintaining the garden landscape is a vital part of improving property value. 

One of the biggest causes in value decrease is overgrown gardens, especially those that pose a threat to the property or the people in it.

Tree removals are a great way to help with this common problem that homeowners wanting to sell have.  By getting someone in to help maintain or even landscape your garden you can work towards improving value.

Added  Features

It is said that adding a sizable shed to the back garden is another feature that can, in fact, increase property value.

The reason a good garden shed adds value to a property is that sheds are almost a necessary feature in any home with an outdoor space.

Therefore having a good quality functioning shed there already takes away the work of getting a new one for the new homeowners or tenants.

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