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Putting a stop to energy bills that cost the earth

posted by Lani Shamash on 05 March 2012

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Lani Shamash, co-founder of thepeoplespower.co.uk, writes on the UK energy market, and how group switching can help households get a fairer deal.

It only takes a quick look at the numbers to see there is something very wrong with the UK energy market.  More than 5 million UK households are in the grip of fuel poverty. Meanwhile the big energy companies boast of ever growing profits.  Recent surveys show the annual cost of heating and lighting the average home to be £1,250+.  This amounts to more than £20 billion annually, and accounts for nearly 30 per cent of all energy consumed in the UK.

That was our starting point for setting up thepeoplespower.co.uk - a not-for-profit website that offers a simple, empowering solution to save UK households money whilst reducing their reliance on unsustainable energy.

Based on a model which was successful in the Netherlands, not-for-profit thePeoplesPower CIC are inviting households to come together and sign up for the cheapest gas and electricity (there’s a green option too).  Once 5000+ have signed up, we begin negotiations with energy companies, both large and small, using a reverse auction to secure our members the cheapest deal.

Though it’s a new approach to household bills, we’ve already seen online consumer power have huge results. And for thePeoplesPower the internet is key; we’re reliant on word of mouth and we use our website, Twitter and Facebook accounts to share the latest energy related news, money and energy-saving advice.

It’s also a great place for us to meet and interact with like-minded organisations like Cocoon, sharing advice and gaining invaluable encouragement.

Together, we really are stronger.

to sign up

It's free and no obligation, just visit www.thepeoplespower.co.uk

About thePeoplesPower.co.uk

thePeoplesPower is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company set up to help people join together to save money on their electricity and gas bills.

What they say:

  • We are reliant on “people power:” we rely on people to spread the word
  • We are community focused, completely transparent and promise to provide impartial advice to our members
  • We are committed to running the business ethically and as such will invest any surplus beyond running costs into energy saving schemes and community energy projects
  • As a social enterprise we will involve anyone who takes one of our offers in helping us decide how we should spend any surpluses
  • We have no relationship with any energy supplier or switching service

Company number: 05754156, Registered in England 2011

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