how to have an efficient overseas property

It’s important to be as efficient as possible when investing in a property abroad.

You need to consider the additional costs of amenities on top of basic features like insulation, energy and water. Here’s what to expect

Choosing the right location.

Location is the single most important factor when it comes to having an efficient home investment. You should take time to research the places you are thinking about. Ultimately, the location you choose will mean you’ll need to assess what kind of features are necessary and how you can save on them.

Many people in the UK are deciding to invest in Thai properties as they offer a high profit.

This is for a number of reasons, but a major factor is that Thailand goes through a rainy season, therefore property owners can save a lot of money on water by collecting vast amounts of it during theses seasons, filtering it and using it instead of paying for a water provider.

Size matters

The size of your property will massively affect the efficiency of your amenities, and effectively your spending. Of course, you will be able to charge more for a larger property, but again, you have to consider the cost each amenity.

If you have a larger property, it will cost more to insulate it, so you should look into warmer climate options. This way you open up other ways to save money, for example on features such as electricity by using solar panels etc.


You can’t be overly picky when it comes to who you rent your property to,

though the kind of property you have should indicate the kind of people renting, and furthermore how this will affect your efficiency levels, so you should take this into consideration.

If you’re renting a multi-bedroom house, then you’re more likely to have a family, whose usage of amenities will be more than those of a young person in a flat.


Whether you’re renting to more than one person or not, you should always try to be energy efficient and always look for ways to save money.