“Bio Carpets” – let the Nature come in your home

“Bio Carpets” – let Nature come in your home   ”Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.”

The word “green” or “organic” is increasingly necessary for people’s vocabulary in recent years. Frequently, people rapidly go back to nature. There are written books about healthy living, a lot of campaigns are led around the world to invite people to live healthily.

Sites for eco, bio or just a natural way of life constantly appear. Bio shops for food, drinks, and cosmetics are a hit. The trend, of course, does not go away things that constantly surround you and that you even do not notice at first glance. This can be even a beautiful carpet in your living room.


Woolen carpets; cotton carpets, silk carpets; carpets made from natural plant fibres. Numerous plants are used in manufactured carpets – cotton, jute, coconut, pineapple, jute, and others. Organic carpets in natural colours are not stained with additional dyes, which mean that they are more bio-friendly. Another advantage of unstained carpets is that after washing, the colour will not fade away.

Methods for cleaning up:

Wool rugs can be cleaned with all available methods, but very high pressure and high temperatures should be avoided. Wool carpets are easily damaged by bleaches and alkaline.

They should be sanitised with a neutral detergent and drained quickly to avoid yellowing or browning them. Woven carpets – Cotton rugs and carpets of rayon are composed of cellulosic fibres which can be cleaned with any methods for carpet cleaning.

Aggressive treatment is not desirable.

Silk carpets are composed of natural fibres that are used for making carpets. They should be disinfected with dry methods of carpet cleaning.

Because Bio carpets can be very fragile and delicate, it’s advisable that you hire a carpet cleaning company of experts. That Carpet Guy is a leading agency based in Adelaide that has many years of experience, and has useful services including residential carpet cleaning, property management, tile & grout cleaning, vacate cleans, upholstery cleaning and much more.

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Silk is impaired at high temperature, direct sunlight, and loses its strength when it’s wet. Carpets made from natural plant fibres – These rugs can be sterilised with all methods of carpet cleaning, but it is recommended dry cleaning and dry foam extraction. Using the wet process requires a technique for quick drying.

Production and distribution:

Although in most cases, organic carpets are produced in small countries where sheep are bred for wool or agricultural countries, distribution and demand are larger in the more advanced countries. The reason is that they are expensive and more affluent western nations are looking for them.