8 Ways You Can Finance Your Development Project

If you’re a landlord, investor or property developer, there is a range of finance options available that can help you start your next project. Even if you are experienced in this field, the lending market may feel complex and large, which is why we have chopped things down. Please contact us for more advice.

What is bridging finance/development finance?

Bridging or development finance is one of the most popular types of loans when it comes to property development. This is often short-term funding that will help to pay for development and building costs.

Determining what type of finance needed (bridging or development) will depend on how large the project will be. Read more about bridging loans.

Your commercial mortgage guide

A commercial mortgage is used to purchase commercial properties such as shops, warehouses and offices. Anything that isn’t a residential property.

Typically, they work the same as a standard mortgage where you spread the cost over a period of time – this is normally over a few years. See advice from experts.

It is easy to get a commercial mortgage if you are an existing company as there is less risk to the lender and is much harder for a start-up company, however it isn’t impossible.

Apply today for auction finance

Auctions are one of the best ways of purchasing a property at a discounted price and there are lenders who are experts in auction finance. Auction houses will require the full funds within 28 days, meaning funding will have to be secured fast.

If you are thinking about property auctions, it is much easier to go directly to a specialist in auction finance as it is quicker to secure the loan.

Lenders may also give you finance before you have attended an auction – especially useful if you are an established property developer.