15 Quick Steps to Become Eco-Friendly at Home

Becoming more eco-friendly really is a lot easier to do than most people think, yet we somehow we still end up neglecting it. Make the effort to be more sustainable and you’ll not only be saving the world we live in, but you’ll be saving yourself money and resources too. Click here to see how to save energy.

1.     Be Smart with Electricals

I’m sure about 80% of people reading this can think of at least one appliance which has been left on standby in their home when nobody is there to use it. See more information.

Assuring you switch things off at the wall, or even unplugging them when they’re not in use will help to save a considerable amount of energy and money on your bills.

Not only will it save you money on bills, turning devices off regularly can prevent them from over-heating and causing damage. Therefore,  less money is spent on replacing your appliances. Another way to save money on appliances is to have them repaired, rather than replaced. Pay a fraction of the price for an almost new appliance. See more information.

Try and think of smarter ways to use electrical products too. For example, if you need to charge your phone, why not do it in the car on the way to work? If you switch it off or put it on airplane mode whilst it’s charging, it will do it much faster! Find out what electronics are suitable for your home by clicking here.

2.     Watch the Temperature

When winter approaches, it can be all too tempting to just turn the heating up as high as possible and leave it like that until summer approaches. But, unfortunately that’s not a viable option for any of us. Please contact us if you require any further information.

Ensure your house is insulated effectively and purchase blankets and thicker duvets to help keep you warm throughout the night, if you don’t need the heating on full blast, don’t put it on full blast.

3.     Install Eco-friendly Windows and Rooflights

The best way to insulate your home is to make sure all of your windows and doors are as airtight as possible and double glazed. This will really help to prevent drafts and keep your home warm. You will also save money on your energy bills as you won’t need to use as much to heat your home.

Check the energy efficiency rating of any windows and sky lights before you buy. For a full range of doube and triple glazed eco friendly rooflights from top rooflight suppliers visit this site.

Buy eco rooflights from EOS Rooflights

4.     Use a Rubbish Removal Company

Storing extra rubbish around your home is harmful to the environment as these items are more likely to pollute surrounding wildlife and litter the area. A rubbish removal company will ensure that all your waste is stored correctly and will even aim to recycle everything they collect. Check what can be recycled.

By recycling most of your waste, this can help massively to reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, it is a cost-effective and convenient solution to removing all necessary waste. Local Surrey experts, The Recycling People, can remove all of your waste with a 100% recycling aim. Find out more.

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